Monitoring and Benchmarking e-Skills Policies and Partnerships

This service contract for the European Commission DG ENTR is monitoring the supply and the demand of e-skills across Europe and benchmarking national policy initiatives and multi-stakeholder partnerships in the European Union. To this end an analysis of the evolution of the supply and demand in the last ten years has been carried out, with the objective to provide a basis for:

  • Understanding the impact of the initiatives launched at EU and national level since 2008;
  • Propose new approaches (wherever appropriate) to remedy the situation; and
  • Identify successful ways and efficient means to foster policies and multi-stakeholder partnerships to reduce e-skills shortages, gaps and mismatches.

In addition and as part of a continuous monitoring exercise, the most recent data will be analysed to update the latest e-skills demand and supply measurements in Europe and to develop scenario based forecasts up until 2015 and 2020.

Finally, a proposal for an institutional and governance framework for ICT professionalism is under development to provide further transparency and orientation urgently needed to increase the number of ICT graduates and professionals in Europe.

The activity has to be seen against the Commission’s Communication on “e-Skills for the 21st Century” (2007) which presented a long term e-skills agenda, “The Digital Agenda” (2010) and the Communication “Towards a Job-rich Recovery” (2012) which include new proposals regarding e-skills. This study builds on previous work, comissioned by the EC, on supply and demand of e-skills across the EU and on policy / stakeholder initiatives Member States are taking to make sure that their labour markets receive the required quantities and qualities of ICT practitioners. This initiative is also related to the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs launched by President Jose Manuel Barroso in March 2013.


This initiative was launched by the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry in January 2013

The work was done by empirica GmbH

with the support of the Innovation Value Institute for the part on 'Governance Framework for ICT Professionalism'


‘European e-Skills 2013 Conference: Measuring Progress’ on 10 December 2013, 9:00–18:00 hrs at the Marriott Hotel - Brussels

The event which will bring together leading experts in the field of e-skills from industry, business schools, universities, ICT and CIOs associations, trade unions and governments to address the following key topics

Expert workshop on ‘e-Skills: Monitoring and Benchmarking Policies and Partnerships’ held on 30 September 2013 in Bruxelles

More than 30 experts met at this workshop to listen to the presentations of the first phase results of the service contract and discuss the evolution of e-skills supply and demand